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What is Solar PV?

Solar PV or Solar Photovoltaics are the common names for Solar panel electricity systems that use photovoltaic cells to harvest the suns energy into electrical power.

How does Solar PV work?

Photovoltaic (PV) is a direct conversion of light to power. The process relies on the release of positive and negative particles when light is introduced to the solar photovoltaic cells. As the splitting of particles occurs naturally the electrical current is produced without generating emissions and its operation is silent

Benefits of Solar PV

Homeowners and businesses throughout the UK choose to invest in our solar PV Systems for a multiple of reasons. the most common include:

Charlrton Electrical  Reduction in electricity usage

Charlrton Electrical  Possibility to receive an income from the electricity generated through the installed Solar PV system.

Charlrton Electrical Greener, more sustainable way to power a home or business.